A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction

Pride Aside is one Father’s attempt to be vocal about his
son’s addiction, and how their family has navigated this
perilous journey together.

“Raw, brutally transparent, real, heart-wrenching,
inspiring, relatable, frustrating, unsettling,

“A gift of unsettled but secure
promise to those who are struggling
along the broken road called life.”

Dr. Rob Futral, Senior Pastor
Broadmoor Baptist Church, Madison MS

Final Update

As with most Blogs/Stories, at some point there is not much more to discuss!  So this will be a final update, but will be edited from time to time.

Ben spent 18 months at Teen Challenge of the Dakotas.  He is now back in the Madison, MS area.

Today, Summer of 2018, Ben is doing well.  He is back in school, and will graduate at age 28 with a degree in Computer Technology.  Although 6 years behind his peers, he is glad to have life back on course.  Joni always said, “As long as they are breathing, there is hope”.  Ben has lost over a dozen friends along the way.  We are grateful he is still breathing, and hopeful to see what the Lord has planned for his future.

2 thoughts on “Final Update”

  1. Joe Pruett says:

    Steve, I bought your book in Conway, Ar after you spoke in May/2018 for renewal ranch.

    Thank you for sharing your story as I know it can help others in their struggles .

    I pray for God’s will to be done in Bens life and am joyful you are where you and He are today.

    In Christ, Joe Pruett

    1. SteveHutton says:

      Thanks for the note Joe, we enjoyed our visit.

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