A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction

Pride Aside is one Father’s attempt to be vocal about his
son’s addiction, and how their family has navigated this
perilous journey together.

“Raw, brutally transparent, real, heart-wrenching,
inspiring, relatable, frustrating, unsettling,

“A gift of unsettled but secure
promise to those who are struggling
along the broken road called life.”

Dr. Rob Futral, Senior Pastor
Broadmoor Baptist Church, Madison MS

Monday, July 14, 2014

We continue to receive two phone calls a week from Ben, sharply timed at
15 minutes each. He still is very happy to be at Teen Challenge in Brookings,
SD. He truly feels like he is beginning to understand what it means to be fully
yielded to God, and truly have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Since crying
out to God a month ago in the chapel, he no longer has had any drug cravings,
or desires to use. Now this is often easy while in treatment (although Teen
Challenge is not really treatment, it really is more like a 16-month seminary for
those who have struggled in the past). But today, Ben is good. He now has an
entirely different set of problems that he wrestles with daily that are not drug
related. He now struggles with the guilt of what he has done, the money it has
cost, and the relationships he has lost. Joni and I know God will heal those
thoughts as well, as long as Ben continues to place his faith and trust in Him.
God has already forgiven him, and so have Joni and I, so hopefully soon Ben
will be able to forgive himself.
Physically he feels fantastic. He says he loves the food there. He now
weighs 167 pounds, which is the most he has ever weighed, which also would
have been GREAT during football! They have a fantastic weight room at Teen
Challenge of the Dakotas, and he is again benching 300 lbs. That makes him
feel so good about himself, and for that we are grateful. TCD has a Facebook
page, and I saw a picture of the residents from Sunday singing at a church in
Minnesota. Ben looked sharp in his purple dress shirt and silver tie. It was
really good to see him.
We have a flight scheduled next week for Joni to be able to go visit Ben.
She will leave here next Friday and then the two of them will be able to leave
Teen Challenge for eight hours on Saturday. On Sunday Joni will be allowed to
attend church with the 32 residents, and then be allowed to spend the afternoon
with Ben back at the residence before returning home Monday. She misses her
boy. I do too. Joni and I decided to travel there to see Ben separately so he can
receive twice the number of visits for the same amount of money. Every other
month we are hoping finances will allow one of us to be able to visit him.

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